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PLG provides training modules and resources that will assist schools in meeting the mandated training requirements for a broad scope of legal topics, including Board trainings such as Team of 8, Board Operating Procedures, Goal Setting, Legislative Updates, and Educator Training; Family Law; FERPA and Student Privacy Rights; Sexual Harassment; Handling School Employee Grievances; and other school-related topics dealing with legal issues.


  • Ambassador Training Academy for Staff

  • Ambassador Training Academy for Community

  • Board Operating Procedures (BOPs)

  • Convocation Keynote

  • Do’s & Don’ts of Bond Elections

  • EISO - Evaluating and Improving Student Outcomes

  • Goal Setting

  • Governance Training Optimization (GTO)

  • Half Day Leadership Workshop

  • Overview of the TX Economic Development Act (313)

  • Sexual Abuse, Human Trafficking, and Other Maltreatment of Children

  • Safety & Security (SB 11)

  • Team-building - (Team-of-eight)

  • Title IX