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Creating better economic & life opportunities by expanding access, adoption, & use of broadband.

Texas Rural Broadband Coalition is a statewide initiative funded by Powell Law Group to support all rural Texans in leveraging broadband. Technology, especially widespread access, use, and adoption of broadband, improves all areas of life. We invite you to join us in changing communities and lives across Texas. The Governor’s Broadband Development Council released its first report in November 2020, which highlights the state of broadband (high-speed internet) connectivity in unserved areas across Texas


Texas Rural Broadband Coalition (TRBC) strives to create a better future for rural Texas by creating opportunities to expand the access to and the use of broadband in rural communities. We believe that all Texans, no matter the size of their community, should have dependable and affordable access to high-speed internet. TRBC was formed to expand broadband internet service to every rural county in Texas. We see broadband as the equivalent to rural electrification. It is critical to commerce and education. Dependable broadband will help to bridge the inequality of access to information and opportunity.

The COVID-19 crisis brought to light the major disparities rural Texans experience in accessing highspeed internet for remote education, work, and healthcare. Having reliable internet access is a basic need. High speed broadband access in rural Texas will bring benefits to education, telemedicine, economic development, and agriculture. Broadband will help communities attract companies and jobs and keep established companies from leaving town and help them grow. Dependable broadband will also help younger people to stay in their hometowns or come back after college as well as help attract new residents.

The future of Texas depends on well-connected, successful and strong rural communities. Having the infrastructure to stay connected is critical. Texas Rural Broadband Coalition is dedicated to working with rural communities to develop and implement solutions to the unique challenges they face.

Texas Rural Broadband Coalition Membership Options

School District and Texas Rural Association Members:
A membership is offered to any school district whose Board passes a broadband resolution or TREA member who is supportive of getting reliable internet access to our rural communities in Texas.

Prominent logo placement on the front page of the TRBC website, on marketing material, on surveys and email correspondence including legislative updates, and weekly Ed-Clips newsletter, recognition on TRBC website, multiple social media posts acknowledging partnership, recognition at speaking engagements, invitation to advocacy and brain storming meetings with the Board of Directors, as well as plaque from Texas Rural Broadband Association for the effort to extend rural broadband.

Prominent logo placement on the member page of the TRBC website, recognition of sponsorship on social media, invitation to advocacy and brain storming meetings with the Board of Directors.

Logo placement on the member page of the TRBC website.


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